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below are direct links to each apartment:

Aster apartment 2A

Queen Anne’s Lace apartment 2B

Iris apartment 2C

Starflower apartment 2D

Dandelion apartment 3A

Tiger Lily apartment 3B

Daisy apartment 3C

Sunflower apartment 3D

Wildflower cottage suite #9



We use these websites for instant bookings. If you are not familiar with using any of these online platforms we can accommodate your reservation by completing this form. We will email or call you back to discuss the reservation.

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See "Suites" page for details.

Cancellation Policy

our cancellation policy differs depending on the situation of the booking. cancellation policies are outlined for each booking, on the booking website; before payment is processed.

If you are making a reservation directly with us, not through one of the other booking websites, the cancellation policy is below:

  1. reservations cancelled over 14 days from the arrival date will be refunded at 50%

  2. reservations cancelled between 7 and 14 days from the arrival date will be refunded at 25%

  3. reservations canceled within 7 days of the arrival date will not be refunded.

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