established in 1870

In 1870 - the Woodstock Hotel was built, and for 92 years she lodged visitors to Woodstock. Rumor has it that president Ulysses S. Grant stayed here in 1872 on his way to the Overlook Mountain House, imagine horse drawn carriages at the front door of 5 Rock City Road! The current, 8 private-suites, were originally over 18 lodging rooms.

In 1962 - the family that owned this property combined the many lodging rooms to create 8 private apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floors, for full time residents.

In 2016 - Ann & Dave Scarborough purchased the property and began renting the furnished apartments to guests by the night; offering an authentic, antique, Woodstock experience to travelers from around the world.

Hotel Woodstock is re-born!