Our Mission


traveler experience

Hotel Woodstock is about relaxing in an environment of chill mojo that we all need sometimes.  Our apartments are designed to be private oasis's from wherever you have traveled. And we have kitchens and dining areas in every apartment so our guests can enjoy the village, with the comforts of home.

Each private apartment is furnished clean and fresh with basic necessities expected in an independent rental residence. We do not have any hotel related amenities, such as maid service, common areas, or a front desk. The building operates as a mixed use apartment building with the owner available by phone.


restoring the history of the building

the property is antique, so the time she has been here is evident. you can feel the history from the front door. ever peaceful, you can hear the stairs moving as you enter, and the life around you is not silent.

some people say that she feels alive of the wonderful spirits that are always in and out of her doors...originally with over 18 rooms, travelers from around the world have lodged here since 1870...

our goal is simple. respect her historical value, and keep her alive and vibrant

we are always designing and making things more comfortable. but never to change her spirit or to try and make her new


culture of the catskills

our hope is that everyone that comes to Hotel Woodstock would embrace the energy that the village generates. we are each a part of what makes woodstock so special, and that generally means getting to know and appreciating the greater catskill area. the wildlife and beautiful scenery is second to nowhere in the world. over the past 150 years the woodstock area has been well cultivated, with countless opportunities to get outdoors, make some art, and feel the earth.